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Mill Brook Fire Protection is the top choice for a full-service and premier fire protection company in Nassau County. It goes without saying that fire it a very dangerous occurrence, potentially causing harm to both property and people.  As Long Island residents ourselves, we take pride and great responsibility in keeping our Long Island neighbors safe from the perils of fire with our fire prevention safety services offered in Nassau County and beyond. We offer our wide array of services to both residential and commercial properties.  Our fire protection experts in Nassau County are licensed and insured to install, test and maintain fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems. We also offer emergency servicing for both fire sprinklers and fire alarm systems. If you are in need of fire protection services in Nassau County, contact Mill Brook Fire Protection today for evaluation and performance of your fire safety needs.


Who is Mill Brook Fire Protection and Why Choose Us?

Mill Brook Fire Protection is a family owned and operated Long Island fire prevention and safety company. We opened our doors in 2005 with the vision to keep Long Island and New York City safe from fire related threats.  We are known in the industry for our proven, revolutionary and technologically advanced method to fire alarm and fire sprinkler installation, testing and maintenance. We are license and insured, and remain fully compliant with all local, city and state codes and ordinances.  We use only the most advanced and safe equipment and processes to keep you, family or employees, your belongings and your building safe! Known and trusted for over ten years, Mill Brook Fire Protection is the top choice for fire protection services.

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