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Mill Brook Fire Protection will take care of all your fire protection needs, from industrial warehouses to residential apartments, and more. Take a look below at some of our specific service area locations.

Indian River

Mill Brook has extensive experience in commercial and residential projects in Indian River and looks forward to future installations in the county. We have displayed our reliability and gained lasting confidence in our services through our various maintenance and fire sprinkler inspection contracts throughout the county. If you need a new fire sprinkler system, or need to remodel your old system, Mill Brook’s industry and code knowledge will keep your fire systems at the top of the line, with an emphasis on speed, and safety. Reach out to Mill Brook Fire protection today if you need a fire sprinkler contractor that ensures reliability.

Service Areas Indian River
Service Areas Okeechobee


Being confident in a contractor’s ability to anticipate job conditions, and work around issues, with no headaches granted to the client, is a valuable asset we provide at Mill Brook Fire. We are a contractor that likes to get the job done and fully satisfy our clients, ensuring a positive experience that builds relationships for years to come. Mill Brook’s customers can depend on and are satisfied by the long work experience held by our field installers, coupled with the responsiveness of our management and office staff, who ensure problems and needs are handled without burdening the client. Reach out to Mill Brook Fire protection today for a straightforward and convenient fire sprinkler installation experience throughout Okeechobee!

St Lucie

The staff at Mill Brook Fire Protection are heavily focused on building meaningful relationships that last. Our core objectives include ensuring our clients and potential customers can talk to real people when they need, through our receptive office staff and superintendents who are motivated to complete objectives NOW. We are happy to serve residents of St. Lucie with reliable fire protection services that are built to last, guaranteeing costumer satisfaction. Our fire protection experts are licensed and insured to install, test and maintain fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems. We also offer emergency servicing for both fire sprinklers and fire alarm systems.

Service Areas St Lucie
Service Areas Martin


Residents of Stuart and throughout Martin County have seen the superior craftsmanship and quality that Mill Brook provides, and we look forward to providing more of it. Whether we design build a light hazard residential fire sprinkler system for a town home, or install an extra hazard ESFR system for an industrial distribution center, Mill Brook exceeds the expectations our clients require and takes value in improving our local areas through new construction and ensuring the safety of residents with the dependability Mill Brook provides. If you need fire sprinkler services in Martin County, contact Mill Brook Fire Protection today.

Palm Beach

Mill Brook is proud to have participated in the construction of fire sprinkler systems that protect the elegant residential homes of Palm Beach. Whether the project calls for a commercial restaurant, industrial warehouse, or residential home, Mill Brook provides state of the art fire sprinkler systems through a team of experienced installers and project managers that you can trust. We provide the connection and values of a small business with the ability and competence of a massive corporation. Contact Mill Brook Fire today for the highest standard of fire sprinkler needs in Palm Beach Florida!

Service Areas Palm Beach
Service Areas Broward


Staying up to date on fire code and regulations is imperative to constructing fire sprinkler systems and providing the most efficient and dependable fire sprinkler systems. Mill Brook fire protection remains committed to a higher standard of industry knowledge and applies this throughout our installation practices, inspection services, and NICET certifications. We understand how densely populated it is in cities like Fort Lauderdale, which makes it even more imminent that these areas are protected as best as possible with the most high-end fire protection services offered, and it all starts with Mill Brook Fire Protection’s higher standard of service.

Miami Dade

With more than 300 million gallons of water used per day, Miami-Dade demonstrates its high water demand, and Mill Brook is proud to contribute to this figure in our residential, commercial, and industrial fire sprinkler systems that provide valued and dependable protection to its residents. Mill Brook is committed to saving lives and property in times of need and does not underestimate the impact a fire sprinkler system can have in times of crisis. A fire in a city like Miami can be especially hazardous if not taken care of quickly, due to building density and population. It is the mission of Mill Brook Fire Protection to ensure that all people, buildings, and businesses can be properly protected from the hazards of a fire, establishing a network of clients that have complete faith in their construction projects, through the ability and experience of our mechanics, foremen, and superintendents.

Service Areas Miami Dade