Advantages Of Ensconcing The Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
Advantages Of Ensconcing The Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

We all are knowledgeable about the seriousness of having a fire suppression system. While there are various fire protection systems, each is created to provide for a particular purpose and type of product being stored inside a structure or building. The three fundamental components of a fire triangle are oxygen,...

05-Apr-22 By Krish Malhotra

How to Prevent Industrial Fire Accidents?

According to the NFPA, between 2011 and 2015, an average of 37,910 fires occurred each year in manufacturing and industrial facilities. These industrial fires have killed 16 civilians, injured 279, and caused more than $1 billion in direct property damage. Although fires occur for multiple reasons, one of the main...

16-Mar-22 By Krish Malhotra

Ensure Your Fire Sprinklers
6 Ways To Ensure Your Fire Sprinklers Are Working Properly

As business executives, you need to take fire safety and prevention into account as a part of your daily life. You want your business to be safe against fire and prepared for an accidental case. It is not only essential to protect your property and the people residing or working,...

02-Mar-22 By Krish Malhotra

Fire Sprinklers
Misconceptions About Residential Fire Sprinklers

Getting a fire sprinkler system installed in your home is one of the most effective ways of protecting your family and property from fire hazards. But there is still a taboo lingering around the concept of a fire sprinkler system in your home and that these are mainly best suited...

25-Feb-22 By Krish Malhotra