Top 5 Reasons for Fire Sprinkler System Deficiencies

Several data and statistics have proven the efficiency and reliability of fire sprinkler systems. And it has even been observed that structures with fire sprinkler systems have effectively lowered the death rate per fire by 82% and the direct property damage (per fire) by 68%. But, what about the 13%...

30-Oct-20 By Piyush Singh

Corrosion: A Common Phenomenon In Fire Sprinkler Systems.

What Is Corrosion? Corrosion is the process through which refined metals are permuted into more stable compounds such as metal oxides, metal sulfides, or metal hydroxides. Corrosion is, however, an undesirable event since it negatively strikes on the beneficial properties of a metal. Corrosion In Fire Sprinkler Systems: Now, corrosion...

24-Sep-20 By Piyush Singh

How Often Should Your Fire Sprinkler Systems Be Inspected And Tested?

Fire Sprinkler Systems have set a benchmark of exceptional fire safety and protection. Almost all residential and office buildings have ensured (and are ensuring) to install a fire sprinkler system at their premises.The automatic operation of these systems serves to be the first line of defense in the worst-case scenarios...

27-Aug-20 By Piyush Singh

Get Your Facts Straight: Myths and Truths about Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems, for the past 130 years, have manifested to be the most reliable method of safeguarding lives and properties. Regretfully, along these years, several myths have also been attached to the functioning of fire sprinkler systems. So, we have jotted down a few points that can help you...

11-Aug-20 By Piyush Singh