Miami-Dade Fire Protection Services

With more than 300 million gallons of water used per day, Miami-Dade demonstrates its high water demand, and Mill Brook is proud to contribute to this figure in our residential, commercial, and industrial fire sprinkler systems that provide valued and dependable protection to its residents. Mill Brook is committed to saving lives and property in times of need and does not underestimate the impact a fire sprinkler system can have in times of crisis. A fire in a city like Miami can be especially hazardous if not taken care of quickly, due to building density and population. It is the mission of Mill Brook Fire Protection to ensure that all people, buildings, and businesses can be properly protected from the hazards of a fire, establishing a network of clients that have complete faith in their construction projects, through the ability and experience of our mechanics, foremen, and superintendents.

Who is Mill Brook Fire Protection and Why Choose Us?

Mill Brook Fire Protection is a family owned and operated fire prevention and safety company. We opened our doors with the vision to keep Long Island and New York City’s five boroughs safe from fire related threats. After decades of experience and having multiplied our expertise to East and Southeast Florida, Mill Brook is known throughout the industry for our proven, revolutionary, and technologically advanced methods of fire sprinkler installation, coupled with our trusted installation of fire alarms, inspections, and maintenance of fire systems. We are licensed and insured throughout New York and Florida, and remain fully compliant with all local, city, and state codes and ordinances. We use only the most advanced and safest equipment and processes to keep you and your family, employees, belongings and your building safe from fire hazards and emergencies. Known and trusted for impeccable client satisfaction, Mill Brook Fire Protection is the top choice for fire protection services.

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