Backflow Preventer
Backflow Preventer — What Is It and How Does It Work?

'Backflow' is the flow of water in the opposite direction — back into the water supply. Backflow preventers hold the pressurized fire sprinkler water line from flowing back into the municipal water line — a probable case if there is a loss of pressure from the municipal water line. Backflow...

26-May-21 By Krish Malhotra

Importance of Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems
Importance of Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems

So, first of all, to understand what is Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems, we must know what a ‘Special Hazard’ is. Special Hazards can be bracketed as: An area or process involving pieces of equipment that are of exceptionally high value. An area containing unique or irreplaceable assets. An area...

26-May-21 By Krish Malhotra

What Is A Fire Sprinkler Accident ? - Mill Brook Fire Protection
What Is A Fire Sprinkler Accident, It’s Causes, And How Can You Prevent It?

Fire sprinkler systems are the shields that secure properties and minimize damages that can occur due to fire. But, what if your fire sprinkler system gets activated automatically without any fire, wasting gallons of water, causing a lot of damage, and drenching your property? A fire sprinkler system, designed specifically...

04-Mar-21 By Krish Malhotra

Functioning of Fire Sprinkler Systems | Mill Brook Fire Protection
What all Instruments and Components Must Be monitored for the Proper Functioning of Fire Sprinkler Systems?

Sprinkler Systems are, quite significantly, an essential life safety tool for fire protection. This tool, unquestionably, serves to be an absolute requisite, certified by codes and local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs). As per records and evidence, fire sprinkler systems reduce the probabilities of dying in a fire, and the average...

03-Mar-21 By Krish Malhotra