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Advantages Of Ensconcing The Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Posted by: Krish Malhotra
Advantages Of Ensconcing The Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

We all are knowledgeable about the seriousness of having a fire suppression system. While there are various fire protection systems, each is created to provide for a particular purpose and type of product being stored inside a structure or building. The three fundamental components of a fire triangle are oxygen, a fuel source, and heat. Each fire protection system functions by cutting out one of these 3 accumulations. In the process of putting out a fire, some subduing systems leave substantial aftermath, which might cost more than the catastrophe itself.

To prevent a fire from spreading while lessening the aftermath of a system activating, high-tech research led to the revelation of a new fire protection system called clean agent fire suppression system. They are unlike the traditional systems, such as a wet or dry chemical system. Clean agent suppression systems use chemicals that regulate the ignition process and protect from fire. It can be operated on electronics and leave no substantial harm to humans or the environment. It leaves very few remanences of destruction, making it the most desired fire suppression system in some specific buildings.

Clean Agent  Fire Suppression Systems can be categorized into different types based on agent utilization. The most favored systems among various types of clean agents are the FM 200 system and NOVEC system.

FM 200 :


It is a wireless fire safe-keeping system that is also called HFC227ea. It operates by detaching the heat elements of the fire triangle.

The number of agents used to vanquish the fire is significantly low which makes it necessitate little space for the depository of cylinders. They reserve the slight space amid all the other fire suppressant systems. The time period needed to curb the harm of fire is less than 10 seconds. You can carry on your job even after the accident in a short period of time.


FM 200 has got its place in the world and is utilized widely. They are risk free for both environment and humans and produce no harmful chemicals that attenuate the ozone layer. The executors of fire suppression systems can be replenished easily after use.

It is examined and approved to be plausible for Class C fires.
Novec system utilizes the executors that are associated with the halocarbon family which is a substitute for hydrofluorocarbons. Novec is top-notch among all the agents for safe usage standards for humans. The executors are kept in liquid form and turn into gas when produced.

Alike the FM200 system, it washes out the fire in seconds before it flares up and causes mass destruction. They are innocuous to use in places where the damage of paper and electronic can’t be succored. Novec utilizes waterless fire suppression executors that leave no remnants and are easy to purge.

It is commended for Class A, B, and C fire accidents.
Advantages of Choosing a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
● The foremost benefit of using a clean agent fire supre4ssion system is that they are secure to utilize on electronics. In this system, the chemicals which are used by clean agents are non-conductive, non-corrosive, and non-volatile. They are risk-free to protect treasured assets along with fire protection.

● Mostly, all the suppression system utilizes chemicals that are very hazardous to the ozone layer which creates irretrievable damage to the atmosphere when used for protection against fire. But, dissimilarly, Clean Agent Suppression Systems are safe due to their less emanation and do no damage to the environment.

● Some of the dry chemical-based fire suppression systems source suffocation to people in the room. That type of chemical distress the human body. But on the other hand is risk-free to use in a room filled with people. They produce no harm to the human body when inhaled.

● It is very blistering and structured. It takes only 10 seconds for a clean agent suppression system to take control of the fire in a rudimentary stage.


If you have a facility with fragile assets such as server rooms, telecommunications, CNC machines, record storage, artwork, or medical equipment, a clean agent system may be a great option for you.

Author: Krish Malhotra