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Are Electric Cars More Likely to Catch on Fire Than Gas Cars?

Posted by: Krish Malhotra
Are Electric Cars More Likely to Catch on Fire Than Gas Cars?

Every year, car fire kills hundreds of people and leads to huge losses of resources and properties. Even though electric cars have been used in the United States for over a decade now — several individuals are still skeptical about it and fear change from their traditional vehicles.

millbrook As per numerous reports and studies, the simple answer to whether an electric car is more prone to fire is simply a — No. Electric vehicles may not catch fire frequently but, if they do, it is difficult to extinguish them, resulting in more damage as compared to other fires.

The Reason behind EV Fire:
Through the process of being technologically advanced, we are constantly racing towards making our lives uncomplicated with smart solutions. And EVs are one of the specimens of our high-tech solutions.

Electric Car is a complex invention of humans with multiple wires interacting with perplexing machinery and electricity — that achieves a smooth transportation experience.
So, what are the most common reasons behind electric car fires?
Well, following are a few reasons:

1. Lithium-ion (lion) Batteries:
Lithium-ion batteries are used in EVs to support their performance. When these batteries get exposed to direct air, they undergo ‘Thermal Runaway’ — where they fail and catch fire. The organic liquid electrolytes present in these batteries act as fuel and make it difficult to control the flames.

2. Faulty Manufacturing:
Manufacturing glitches are also one of the prime reasons behind electric car fires. Defective design, damaged or incompetent battery, false information from the software (and more of so) can be dangerous for you. Ensure you check all the parameters, especially the batteries, before buying an EV.

millbrook3. Overcharging of Rechargeable Batteries:
Many EV owners plug in their cars for charging and leave them for long durations. It causes overcharging of the batteries resulting in battery life damage and fire accidents.

4. Using Unfit Chargers:When you look out for your vehicle’s safety — it is quite crucial for you to answer the following two questions:
(i) How do you charge your EV?
(ii) Where do you charge your EV?
Poorly insulated chargers can damage your car in so many ways. If the charger shorts or induces heat around the battery, it can cause battery failure with irresistible damages. Though lithium-ion batteries have a built-in system to stop them from overcharging, using unauthorized chargers can affect their performance and damage them

The Solution:
As it is the era of sustainable living, individuals are getting more cautious and switching to electric vehicles as they are cost-effective and environment-friendly.

And to have a seamless experience, here are some tips for you to follow to avoid electric car fire accidents:

1. Opt for Periodic Maintenance:
Just like any other electronic item at your home, your EV needs maintenance too. So, never skip the maintenance day and get your car serviced. It will yield you extraordinary outcomes.
2. Don’t Overcharge:
We know you love your car and you want the best for it. But do ensure to read the manual carefully and charge them as per the time frame mentioned in the handbook. Overcharging can heat the battery and can cause fatal accidents.
3. Check for Signs:
Keep an eye on how the software installed in your car is responding. Don’t overlook signs like overdue service, strange smells, etc. Get it all checked immediately.

The Bottom-Line:
Companies are conducting research and analyzing results to make electric cars safe for all. They are working closely with the authorities to make electric vehicles more secure.

Apart from this, individuals too need to understand the safety measures and follow them strictly to avoid unnecessary accidents.

So, be careful. We want you to be safe.

Author: Krish Malhotra