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Keep Your Furry Family Members Safe During Fire Accidents

Posted by: Krish Malhotra
Keep Your Furry Family Members Safe During Fire Accidents - Mill Brook Fire Protection

Even if you have had a terrible day, you know your mood will be boosted by greeting your furry little friends.

Their love towards us is unconditional.

And, you would never want them to get hurt as a result of an emergency such as a fire accident, but frankly, those are the most common accidents in which pets face injury or fatality.

So, what does a loving parent do to protect their pets from getting injured in a fire accident? Well, they ensure to get a fire sprinkler system installed in their homes. Yes!

Precaution should always be a priority. Therefore, we’ve listed a few points that can help you protect your pets from getting injured in a fire accident. Do ensure to follow each one of them:

Keep Your Furry Family Members Safe During Fire AccidentsPREVENTION MUST BE YOUR PRIORITY:
An open flame tends to be the most toxic friend of your pets. Therefore, never leave a candle or fireplace unattended whenever your pets are alone. As a matter of fact, use flameless elements at your house. This way, you could still maintain the aesthetic charm of your cozy home and, nonetheless, save your pets from getting injured in a fire accident.
Also, curious pets tend to pounce on the counters. Now, this way, they can hit a stove knob, turn on the gas or turn up a flame. Therefore, ensure to use knob covers or, in fact, remove knobs when you aren’t around your pets to monitor safety.
Keep the small little and untrained pets away from potential hazards by crating them or securing them behind baby gates.

Allot a pet alert window sign at all your entryways. Your neighbors and the first responders would be aware that your pets are also in danger during a fire accident.
If you keep your pets in a crate, whenever you are away from home, try to keep the crate near your door. This way, first responders would be able to sight your pets at the very first glance.
Keep Your Furry Family Members Safe During Fire Accidents
Keep Your Furry Family Members Safe During Fire Accidents
Every family should devise a fire evacuation plan. They should exercise a fire drill at least twice a year.
Every member must know two ways to get out of each room in their home and ensure to include their pets in his or her plan. Leashes or carriers must be available near every exit as well to prevent time delay

Keep Your Furry Family Members Safe During Fire AccidentsINSTALL FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS:
An automatic fire sprinkler system is designed to restrain an unpredicted fire accident. It permits your family and pets the hand of valuable time to escape from a severe threat. Fire Sprinklers decrease the scale of harm that can be caused to your assets from heat and smoke.
So, what is an automatic fire sprinkler system?
It is an arrangement of water-filled piping that is attached to the household water management line. This line concludes upon carefully fabricated and divided fire sprinkler heads, situated throughout the home. The sprinkler heads constitute of frangible bulbs loaded with a fluid, that when heated, arise and cause the bulb(s) to break and the framework to release water. The water from the sprinkler head covers the area where the fire is observed and proceeds to work until a group of first responders arrive to completely extinguish the fire.
So, when you install a fire sprinkler system at your home, you ensure to keep your unaccompanied pets safe because the released water decreases the harm that can be caused to them.

Keep Your Furry Family Members Safe During Fire AccidentsKNOW WHERE YOUR PETS ARE MOST LIKELY TO HIDE:
Whenever your pet is scared, where does it hide? Under the couch, behind a plant, or inside a closet?
You must track where your pet hides during times when it is scared. This way, you can find your pet at that same place, when you would have to escape the premises during a fire accident.

If your pet is lethargic or having trouble breathing (after the fire accident has taken place), it could be a sign of smoke inhalation. Ensure to visit your veterinarian as soon as possible for any required follow-up care.
So, what is the wait for?
Don’t let your furry family members stand in harm’s way.
Install a fire sprinkler system in your home. It can keep your pets safe, even when they are alone.
A fire sprinkler system is, indeed, your pet’s knight in shining armor!
Keep Your Furry Family Members Safe During Fire Accidents
Author: Krish Malhotra