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Six Components That Would Intensify A Fire

Posted by: Krish Malhotra

Fire can behave in unpredictable ways. Some fire incidents are slow, mellow, and easy to manage, whereas others react rapidly causing massive amounts of destruction. Rapid flames spread quite vehemently and are extremely difficult to control. Deadly gases are also produced through some fires that have the potential to kill living things. It’s no secret that fires are extremely dangerous, so fire safety is an important tool to teach yourself, as well as those around you.


Surprisingly, there are some elements in your own home that can contribute to worsening an already-existing fire. We advise you to always proceed with caution and to use better judgment when dealing with any type of fire emergency. Understand what makes a fire unmanageable, because items like these mentioned below can feed flames and fuel a larger fire to ignite.

Here are six components that can intensify an already-existing fire:

(1) Exposed Wires:

Are your wires exposed? If that is the case, then get them repaired as soon as possible, because one spark from these exposed wires can burn down an entire house. We often overlook an exposed wire, so make sure you don’t miss a bare or even stripped section of any type of exposed wire. Always check that your wires are not loose at the wall outlet openings. Understand it this way — if a spark from these wires lands on any flammable object in your home, this can ignite a fire.

(2) Excess Trash:

If your home is consistently filled with excess trash, or even useless paper, magazines, books, etc. lying around the house, then get moving and clean those up. It is a major fire hazard. Keeping your house clear of flammable debris will sound mundane but trust us, this will keep you safe from an unexpected fire as well.

If one small flick of a fire reaches this overabundance of trash, then it will worsen the flames, turning into a disaster. Several fire safety manuals have listed that keeping a clean house without debris build-up as one of the most important fire safety tips.

(3) Diesel/Oil:

We are sure you’re aware that diesel is highly combustible. The vapors which spread from the petroleum catch fire much more quickly. If diesel fuel and oil are not stored appositely or are used improperly, then a fire can start quite easily, and a fire started from diesel is much harder to put out.

It will soon become unmanageable, and the same goes for gasoline and oil. Again, oil is just as combustible and will make a fire supremely strong and extremely tough to handle. Keeping this in mind, make sure to store your oil and gas cans and containers properly.


(4) Dust:

We know this might sound absurd, but dust is extremely dangerous for your home. Most of us don’t know this, but did you know dust can catch fire quickly? This is because of its dry nature. And that is why Mill Brook is here to inform our clientele. Make sure your home is squeaky clean because dust can add to an already roaring fire.

(5) Gas-filled Tanks:

Fire because of a gas leak is extremely common and already known to most people. But fire because of gas-filled tanks, is known to very few. If your tank fails and the fire reaches it, then that fire will become a catastrophe. Whether being oxygen or helium, make sure these tanks are stored in a safe place.

(6) Grease:

We understand every home has cooking oil, but grease can drastically ignite a fire. When a fire catches grease on the surface or even in the container, then the flames spread rapidly. Make sure not to use water in such an event, because with water, the oil will spill and spread the fire. Keeping a fire extinguisher in your kitchen is the best way to go while cooking.

Make a Note:

In the event of a fire, leave the premises immediately and contact the fire department for help. We hope after reading this, you will be more careful to protect your home from catching igniting into a fire accident. Make sure these six tips are well-engraved in the back of your mind.

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Author: Krish Malhotra