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Tips to Prevent a House Fire this Holiday Season

Posted by: Krish Malhotra
Tips to Prevent a House Fire this Holiday Season

Ring! Ring! Happy Holidays are Coming!

The holiday season is here, and Christmas is just around the corner.
With everyone being busy decorating their homes — attention shall also be paid to the wave of unattended mishaps happening during this active season.

Accidental slips and falls, short circuits, or even house fires — every year several reports are recorded during the celebrations.

Well, nobody wants to spend their Christmas on a hospital bed. Neither do we wish to be homeless in the snowy season.
So, here we are with this monograph compiled with some ways to prevent a house fire during the festivities.

Starting with the Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree is, of course, the star of the show. But it is, after all, a tree — an object, needless to say, definitely catches fire. And adding to that, it is decorated with live wires!
Well, nobody wants a burning Christmas tree.

millbrookSo, pursue these instructions and check for the following preventive measures:

• If you’re going for a live tree, make sure that it is fresh and maintained in the same manner. Avoid installing the tree in a room where there is a presence of dry air — as dry and warm air tends to wither the tree quite swiftly; making it easier for the tree to catch fire. Also, keep watering your live tree to make it stay fresh.
• And if you opt for an artificial tree, check the label for “Fire Resistant” and ask for a fire repelling tree. It might not guarantee a fireproof tree, but there is a possibility that the tree will not catch fire that easily.
• Make sure not to deck up your tree with several electronic appliances.

Handle Fire with Care

What else defines Christmas — if it’s not savoring hot chocolate and gingerbread with our family gathered around the fireplace? But what is not the most enjoyable part — well, our home caught on fire!

millbrookSo, follow these tips to prevent house fires due to candles and fireplace mishaps:

• Though, this is what your architect must have done for you — however, you too make sure that your fireplace is contained and isn’t built in a congested space. Also, keep fire extinguishers readily available right next to the fireplace.
• More than 30% of festive house fires start with an unattended candle. So, decorate your candles in a spacious area, use stands to set up your candles. Do not put them in places where there is an easy reach to curtains and combustible items.
• When you leave a room, ensure to blow out the candles.

Light Up Your Home with Heed

Let’s face it. Christmas is a yearly competition between you and your neighbors. And to win, you go to all extents of creativity possible to become the most praised and decorated house of the neighborhood. But amid this competition, you undermine the risks that these beautiful decorative lights carry.

millbrookThe tiniest spark can lead to a widespread house fire, which is, obviously, the last thing you would wish for!

So, go through the precautions stated below and apply them to your strategy:

• Check for cuts and open wires beforehand to avoid any short circuits. Also, check for broken sockets and loose connections.
• Use extension cords to prevent cuts and snatches in the sockets and wires. Also, keep your extension cords and wires away from water and snow.
• Make sure that your cords and wires are not tangled in a knot. Also, ensure that the wires are not under a door or window.

Let’s Wrap It Up!
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Author: Krish Malhotra